How to make a good signage


So you’ve finally decided that getting some signage for your business or company would be a great idea, but you are stumped at the fact as to how or what to make it look visually. We all know creating a creative and appealing sign on your first try isn’t exactly a walk in the park, so we actually went ahead and created a little guide on what seems to work as a good signage, at least from what we have tested with and what some of our clients have been able to work with and get great results with. Anyways without further-ado lets go ahead and dive into this “little guide” shall we?


First of all I want to talk a little about signage and their significance that they have on a business. Not only are signs a good way to bolster a business’s marketing strategy but they are also a great way to promote branding by including your business’s logo, people are more likely to purchase from a brand that they’ve heard of as opposed to not hearing of the business at all. Also i’d like to add that the sign is around all year long, at all hours of the day. Pretty effective marketing to me.


As you can tell having a signage is a great marketing tool for your local business to attract customers.


So what are the traits that trigger a good signage?


Well first of all size is a big deal, you want to have a sign that makes it very easy to be spotted while driving while also not being a strain. Another good factor to add is color, although if it goes outside of Gaelic_scottish_RBSthe colors of your company I wouldn’t recommend going with a wacky crazy color, with that being said – blue, green, and red are some of the best performing colors when it comes to signage. By keeping it clean and more of a modern looking sign you are also enticing some people, remember having a aesthetically pleasing sign is a great way to get new customers to just go ahead and check out your store.


Also lighting is an important factor especially if your business is located in a plaza, helps your business become more visible to the people who are driving by and actually looking for your store.


Overall by applying some of these tips to your next signage or maybe your first signage you should get great results!

Importance of signage


If you run a physical brick and mortar store or even if you plan on launching your own physical store, an important consideration for your marketing is to use signs and how you plan on using them. Having a creative and eye popping sign can actually help differentiate your business from the many others in your area, because of one simple reason – people love color and entertainment people can be simply enticed by your sign and feel obligated to see what you have to offer just because you have a creative and colorful sign, pretty cool huh? We’ve actually went ahead and compiled a list of reasons as to why signage is so important to use for your business.


  1. Branding. By having a sign you are establishing and pushing your business’ logo, brand or statement. This will have people recognize your brand or whatever you had to offer. Actually according to the people are more likely to purchase from a business/store that they’ve actually heard of as opposed to one that they haven’t. So by having a sign you are instilling the image of your brand in your potential customers head, without you having to lift a finger!
  2. Cost effective. If you are a business that is just starting up, and have limited capital to spend on marketing – signs are a great cost effective way to start getting new customers. Really depends on what kind of sign you are looking to purchase. With an effective and attractive ad on your sign you can bring in more customers. Images and creativity is more appealing to the human mind resulting in them being curious enough to check out your store.
  3. Location. This is a real simple one, having a sign out in the plaza or just having a sign out on the street with your business’s name or logo on it signifies where you’re at!


By using a sign for your business you really are already upgrading your marketing tactics. Adding to this the usage of signs come with significant and weighted benefits that include branding, cost effectiveness, location and so much more. It is a great idea to have on if you are a new business so you can start attracting customers in the area, and still a great idea to use if you are an established business, just keep it creative and simple and people will notice and they will start to come.

Different types of signs


Every smart retail owner knows, or at least should know that having physical signs and just signs in general is a great way to start getting business. Whether they are attracted from what you had posted, or they felt like you had something valuable to offer so they went ahead and checked out your store. Whatever the case may be, it would be a great idea to get yourself one however if you don’t have the right knowledge you might not know what kind of sign would be the right choice for your business. So we went ahead and compiled a list of effective signs that are also low cost, so lets get into it shall we?


  1. Outdoor signage. The outdoor sign, this is a sign where it is double sided usually leaning on each other. These kinds of signs are best used in a downtown area or an area that gets a lot of people walking by Ie.busy Street. One of the best features of this sign is that you are able to completely customize it through chalk/marker and just get creative with your message. Creativity is the success to your outdoor signage.


  1. Persuasive signage. This is the kind of signs that make people want to go in your store to check things out. These signs include “sale”, “grand opening” things like that. People are always willing to check out a store especially if they are able to save some money.


  1. Although this may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of signs, however it still is strong way to signify your band and engrave it onto something. Also most of the mats are extremely customizable to whatever you feel would be right for your company. However when purchasing a custom mat you always want to have it branded, because this is most likely going to stay within your store – reminding the customer your brand and colors. Always a smart marketing technique.


Overall having signs for your business is always a bonus, whether you are spreading the word of your brand, or using signs to get more customers for your business through sales, promotional offers etc… or you want to brand your interior with a customizable mat. Either way if you are a physical business, it is a smart idea to get in on using signs in your marketing repertoire.