How to make a good signage


So you’ve finally decided that getting some signage for your business or company would be a great idea, but you are stumped at the fact as to how or what to make it look visually. We all know creating a creative and appealing sign on your first try isn’t exactly a walk in the park, so we actually went ahead and created a little guide on what seems to work as a good signage, at least from what we have tested with and what some of our clients have been able to work with and get great results with. Anyways without further-ado lets go ahead and dive into this “little guide” shall we?


First of all I want to talk a little about signage and their significance that they have on a business. Not only are signs a good way to bolster a business’s marketing strategy but they are also a great way to promote branding by including your business’s logo, people are more likely to purchase from a brand that they’ve heard of as opposed to not hearing of the business at all. Also i’d like to add that the sign is around all year long, at all hours of the day. Pretty effective marketing to me.


As you can tell having a signage is a great marketing tool for your local business to attract customers.


So what are the traits that trigger a good signage?


Well first of all size is a big deal, you want to have a sign that makes it very easy to be spotted while driving while also not being a strain. Another good factor to add is color, although if it goes outside of Gaelic_scottish_RBSthe colors of your company I wouldn’t recommend going with a wacky crazy color, with that being said – blue, green, and red are some of the best performing colors when it comes to signage. By keeping it clean and more of a modern looking sign you are also enticing some people, remember having a aesthetically pleasing sign is a great way to get new customers to just go ahead and check out your store.


Also lighting is an important factor especially if your business is located in a plaza, helps your business become more visible to the people who are driving by and actually looking for your store.


Overall by applying some of these tips to your next signage or maybe your first signage you should get great results!