Importance of signage


If you run a physical brick and mortar store or even if you plan on launching your own physical store, an important consideration for your marketing is to use signs and how you plan on using them. Having a creative and eye popping sign can actually help differentiate your business from the many others in your area, because of one simple reason – people love color and entertainment people can be simply enticed by your sign and feel obligated to see what you have to offer just because you have a creative and colorful sign, pretty cool huh? We’ve actually went ahead and compiled a list of reasons as to why signage is so important to use for your business.


  1. Branding. By having a sign you are establishing and pushing your business’ logo, brand or statement. This will have people recognize your brand or whatever you had to offer. Actually according to the people are more likely to purchase from a business/store that they’ve actually heard of as opposed to one that they haven’t. So by having a sign you are instilling the image of your brand in your potential customers head, without you having to lift a finger!
  2. Cost effective. If you are a business that is just starting up, and have limited capital to spend on marketing – signs are a great cost effective way to start getting new customers. Really depends on what kind of sign you are looking to purchase. With an effective and attractive ad on your sign you can bring in more customers. Images and creativity is more appealing to the human mind resulting in them being curious enough to check out your store.
  3. Location. This is a real simple one, having a sign out in the plaza or just having a sign out on the street with your business’s name or logo on it signifies where you’re at!


By using a sign for your business you really are already upgrading your marketing tactics. Adding to this the usage of signs come with significant and weighted benefits that include branding, cost effectiveness, location and so much more. It is a great idea to have on if you are a new business so you can start attracting customers in the area, and still a great idea to use if you are an established business, just keep it creative and simple and people will notice and they will start to come.